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Jewellery Maintenance

General Maintenance for all Jewellery

Your jewellery is made to be worn and enjoyed, but using common sense and basic upkeep can keep it looking beautiful and new for years to come!

  • Don't wear your jewellery when doing any strenuous or rough work
  • Don't wear your jewellery in the ocean, pools, spas or hot pools as this can change the patina and muck with the oxidisation
  • Don't wear when using chemicals, or when using lotions, don't spray perfume on it.


Antique Matte Jewellery

This finish will turn to antique polished over time, but if you want to keep it matte, i suggest using a bit of fine steel wool to lightly un-polish it, or a fine sanding sponge (Buy here). Alternatively you can get a satin finish polishing cloth through my store here


Antique Polished Jewellery

To keep your jewellery shiny and fabulous, use a polishing cloth (Available here) whenever you desire.


Oxidised Jewellery

(Please note, some gemstones don't withstand oxidising solution and will change if used - for example opals, lapis or Turquoise. Moonstone, Labradorite, Onyx, Garnet, Chalcedony, Citrine, Amethyst, Quartz are all safe to Oxidise. If you are uncertain - Contact me)

If you have chosen oxidised jewellery and wish to maintain the dark silky finish of it, you will need to purchase the below items, and follow the steps. 

You will need to buy:

  • Liver of sulphur XL Gel (available in the US here  - if you are from another country simply type in to google "Liver of Sulphur Gel (Your country/city name)"

Optional (But recommended for best results):

  • Brass brush (found here
  • Extra fine sanding sponge (Found Here)


  1. Wash your jewellery in soapy water do get rid of any grease (An old toothbrush helps get out bits of old debris and grease).
  2. If using, lightly sand the jewellery using the steel wool or sanding sponge to give it a matte surface (Take care to cover and avoid sanding any stones - using your fingers or tape.)
  3. Add boiling water to a cup and add (With a popsicle stick, chopstick or plastic spoon) roughly (amount doesn't have to be perfect) a teaspoon of Liver of Sulphur Gel, making sure you mix it until it has dissolved. With Silver Jewellery, place it in the cup for roughly a minute (too long and the coating will flake off and you will have to start again), For Bronze jewellery, dip the piece in for a few seconds at a time and rinse off with your fingers, and repeat until the metal is dark (And rubbing it with your finger doesn't flake it off).
  4. Fish it out of the liver of sulphur with whatever non metal object you mixed it with! Wash it off well with soapy water (or baking soda mixed in water).
  5. For best results, (not needed though) lightly brush with the brass brush to give it a bit of shine! 
  6. For an extra dark finish with longer lasting oxidisation, use this finishing wax using an old tooth brush for items with lots of crevices, or a soft cloth for smoother jewellery. Use a small amount of wax and wipe away the residue on the stone with a non abrasive cloth. 
  7. Repeat the instructions whenever it has worn away!