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Dagon Pendant
Sierra A. (Pittsburgh, United States)
The most beautiful pendant I own!

I was first drawn to this pendant while looking for Lovecraft-themed jewelry when I found this. The design was beautiful and Dagon is one of my favorite movies. I had to have it! The seller was very helpful with the ordering process and when received, the piece was even more gorgeous in person. I gasped. The moonstone was perfect and even has the rainbow effect in darker lighting. Just so pretty and unique and well packaged. Thank you!

Dagon Pendant
randi r. (Des Moines, United States)
Enigmatic Elegance and Exquisite Craftsmanship!

I recently acquired the Dagon Pendant from LSD Jewellery and it has left me in awe! This pendant isn't just a piece of jewelry, it's a profound work of art! Its design effortlessly intertwines superb craftsmanship with enigmatic beauty, creating a touch of mystique!

The meticulous detail in the pendant's design is awe-inspiring, a testament to the artisan's dedication and passion. The antique matte finish casts an enchanting and mysterious spell, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the gothic style!!

A notable highlight is the Labradorite gemstone, a gem that defies description! It's colors shift from deep blues to ethereal greens with hints of purples, bestowing an aura of enchantment upon the pendant! This gemstone, like a bewitching enigma, captures and plays with the light, leaving an indelible mark!

I must mention that the chain accompanying the pendant met an untimely end shortly after its arrival. I promptly communicated with Charlotte, expressing my wish to add a replacement chain to an existing order for the Black Death Earrings, to circumvent unnecessary shipping costs.

Charlotte's response was nothing short of exceptional! She replied with remarkable swiftness, even on what would have been a Saturday in NZ. Her generosity shone as she presented four distinct chain options, each a work of art in itself. They are the perfect complement to the Dagon Pendant! I'm immensely grateful for her prompt communication and her unwavering commitment to addressing any issues that arose.

Among these options, the chain shown in the picture, truly stands out. It boasts the ability to be adjusted to 22', transforming it into an ideal match for the pendant and further intensifying its allure.

What truly sets LSD Jewellery apart is their ability to craft pieces that resonate with admirers of gothic and dark aesthetics while exuding a sense of elegance and beauty! Wearing this pendant brings me immense humility, as it seamlessly harmonizes with my passion for enigmatic and mysterious jewelry!

I couldn't be more thrilled with my acquisition! Compliments on this unique and captivating piece have flowed in, and my adoration for Charlotte's creations knows no bounds! Multiple pieces from her collection now grace my collection! It's worth noting that Charlotte custom crafts most of her pieces, and her remarkable communication has ensured any issues were resolved with utmost care.

Furthermore, the included image of the Dagon Pendant showcases its enigmatic elegance, side by side with the Black Death Pendant, another masterwork from Charlotte! Together, they craft an atmosphere of darkness and mystery that perfectly captures the essence of the gothic allure!

In summation, the Dagon Pendant is a testament to the exceptional talents of the artisans at LSD Jewellery! It's not just a piece of jewelry: it's a narrative waiting to be unraveled. If you admire unique, masterfully crafted jewelry with a dark and mysterious allure, this pendant receives my whole hearted recommendation!

Thank you, Charlotte and all at LSD Jewellery, for introducing a touch of enigmatic elegance into my daily lowly existence! <3 <3 <3

Lestat Ring (Hessonite Garnet)
Heather B. (Lake Stevens, United States)

I have been eyeing this ring for some time, and finally pulled the trigger. It is perfection, it fits perfectly and is comfortable, yet still substantial. Love the style and can't wait to get more pieces.

Perfect gift

Its even more beautiful in person than the pictures can capture, perfect gift!

Sparrow Claw Earrings
Grace C. (Auckland, New Zealand)
my favourite earrings!

these are so so gorgeous and light to wear. the finish is beautiful, the detail is astounding and these are definitely my favourite earrings out of all the pairs i own (and i own a few). i love these to death! would highly recommend 😊😊

Lestat Ring (Hessonite Garnet)
Carolyn (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Exquisite ring

I’m so delighted with this ring. It has such atmosphere & spirit to it & it also fits perfectly & feels great. I hugely recommend- what exquisite art it is! Thank you!

Stunningly beautiful

Aphrodite Ring (Garnet and Citrine)
Linda M. (El Dorado Hills, United States)

Stunningly beautiful

Sea Nymph Ring - Purple Labradorite Limited edition
J.M. (Los Angeles, United States)

I bought as a gift for my mother she loved it. Quality is fantastic and stone color is perfect.

Discontinued - Eyrie Pendant
Lisa M. (Monroe, United States)

The entire experience was wonderful! She was very helpful and communicated with me about the stones and let me pick the perfect one. Packaging was the beautifully done and super safe. I love it so much!

Secret Garden Pendant - Mannaz - OOAK - Purple Labradorite
Karin S.A. (Toms River, United States)
Once again a magnificent piece

I have ordered several items from Charlotte over the years and they have all been magnificent. This necklace took my breath away when I opened the box. It is larger than expected and the purple labradorite is absolutely gorgeous. Then detail is amazing, as always and I feel so honored to call it mine.

Toothache Pendant
Julia K. (Sechelt, Canada)
Everything I hoped and more

Teeth are basically a personality trait for me, so I knew I wanted this necklace as soon as I saw it in the shop. I used the chat services and she was super quick to reply + address all my concerns. She helped me determine what finish would be best to match my existing collection (oxidized matte) and even made it within the hour basically of me ordering it. Ridiculously speedy given I was expecting a production timeline (not that I’m complaining cause it helped me get my grubby lil hands on it sooner!)

Thank you! You caught me right at the end of a batch of orders so was great timing on your part! Thanks so much for the lovely review ❤️❤️❤️

Charlotte was amazing. I had a couple questions about finishes, and she was so quick in response time and managed to find time same day to make my necklace for me. Piece is exactly what I was hoping for it to be!


I’m obsessed! Arrived very quickly to the US in very thoughtful packaging. The ring and stone are stunning. I couldn’t be happier. The photo does not do it justice.

LSD Lapel Pins
Schiattone, M. (Zurich, Switzerland)
Luna obscura / great pin

Elegant and distinguished pin!

Sea Nymph Ring - Purple Labradorite Limited edition
Christina L. (Des Moines, United States)
Moody Beauty

Gorgeous and fits like a dream. Love the deep purple with the silver. Goth mermaid vibes 💜

Absolutely gorgeous!

I adore my purple lab Dark Embrace ring. It’s beautifully crafted and the stone is very mysterious and lush. I’ll even be wearing it to bed for the foreseeable future! :D

Sea Nymph - Limited Edition Moss Aquamarine
Cheryl B. (Seattle, United States)
Dark beauty.

I love the dark setting with the sparkling stone. It is definitely eye catching. Well made as usual. Well packaged.

Sea Nymph Ring
Cheryl B. (Seattle, United States)
Classy beauty

I love LSD jewelry. This ring has a beautiful dark silver setting that shows off the fire in the opal. It fits perfectly. Feminine but with a dark edge to the ring. Well packaged.

Discontinued - Hexen Pendant
Shalyn D. (Louisville, United States)
Wearing it daily

I love this necklace, it's beautiful and the detail is exquisite. I wish I'd know that the garnet was more dark brown than bright red, i was initially a little disappointed, but it's grown on me and I've decided i love how it matches my hair.

Mountains of Madness Mood Ring
Orya (Holon, Israel)
It’s perfect!

I was very excited purchasing this piece- and it definitely exceeded my expectations as it is so beautiful and unique!
It is also not heavy at all

Sea Nymph Ring
Sara (San Francisco, United States)
Stunning, Elegant, Perfect

I love this ring so much. Here is the set I purchased with it. I bought these three as they all give that ethereal aesthetic. Each ring design is detailed and feels like I'm wearing an art piece.

Discontinued - Pharaoh's Tomb Pendant
Sara (San Francisco, United States)
Stained Glass Window Vibes

AHHH! I can't believe this is one of my favs of my large order. This style is discontinuing, so grab it if you've had your eye on it. I got this in two color ways, Polished/Grey Moonstone and Oxidized/Rainbow Moonstone. While I am a die hard black/neutral girl, I feel head over heels for moonstone. This piece has the vibe of a stained glass window in an old catholic church. Another great piece for everyday while giving that elegant queen look. Always a job. I love Charlotte and her work with my whole heart!

Black Death Pendant
Sara (San Francisco, United States)
Matching Set

I had to also pick up the matching pendant for the Black death. Together, the pieces are absolutely striking. Charlotte as usual did an amazing job and helped me pick up the perfect stone. I had so many questions and she answered each one with patience, kindness and expertise. I highly recommend this piece in particular. Its a perfect everyday piece for gothic lovers. This is such a unique design that so far everyone has loved when I showed them my Black Death Pendant set.

Black Death Earrings
Sara (San Francisco, United States)
Gothic Cathedral Vibes

I can't recommend Charlotte enough. As an artist and a person, she goes above and beyond for anyone who purchases her art. She was incredibly patient with me in finding the perfect stones. I went with oxidized and moonstone and its the perfect gothic stained glass window vibes. I do recommend oxidizing if you do moonstone as it helps the stones pop out more, I didn't love the polished look but its up to each individual preference. These earrings are a good medium size. Not too heavy, too small or too big. You can measure on a ruler to see the approximate size.