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Nightshade Ring (Labradorite & Purple Labradorite version)


This ring is Eerily beautiful with an edge of poisonous desire. It is a ring inspired by fantasy and fairytails, And named after the deadly plant species (it is also a potion in The Game of thrones - "A single drop added to a cup of wine will calm frayed nerves, and three drops will put a person into a deep, dreamless sleep. Ten drops, even diluted into a cup of wine, are fatal.").

This beautiful ring is from my 2014 collection, it is cast from a beautiful art nouveau antique ring i came across. It features a stunning faceted Marquise gemstone (Labradorite and purple labradorite are available in this listing, Onyx, Citrine, Amethyst, Garnet, Moonstone and Grey moonstone are available on my website just search nightshade).

It is made of Sterling Silver, and has an antique matte or antique polished finish. 

For purple labradorite I have photos posted of the ones available, please let me know your first and second choice of stone in the comments when ordering (in case the first is gone, though I will try and keep track of which ones are gone and update the photos). Please note purple labradorite tend to have less flash than normal labradorite.

If you need a different size or a quarter size - leave a comment with your correct size and I’ll change it for you. 

It measures 2.5cm long and sits roughly 6mm tall.

As each item is hand made it may differ ever so slightly from the photos. All labradorite are unique and have a different shade, if you want to see photos of the other labradorite stones I have available write a comment while checking out and I can send you photos. 

Please allow 1-3 weeks for me to make and send your item

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