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Lunar Eclipse Pendant

$184.50 $246.00

I adore this necklace, a beautiful oval moonstone is set in the crescent moon. The Crescent moon is made of sterling silver casts of Raven talons. It is incredibly flashy...

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Alli Morrigan
Finally got one!!

I absolutely have adored this piece ever since I found Charlotte and her wonderful jewels! I knew I had to get one when I saw the sale she was doing and I had saved enough funds to grab one after getting Yule stuff! I can't express how happy I am that I finally got one!! Thank you Charlotte!!

Absolutely beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful. Charlotte never disappoints - I've had my eye on this pendant for years: and it was worth the wait. Stunning. (and the detailing - there's a tiny silver wisdom tooth at the clasp!! - what a gorgeous surprise detail)

Beautiful and powerful pendant.

Beautiful and powerful pendant. Gorgeous piece.

Barbara Cormack
I am thrilled with my Lunar Eclipse Pendant!

I am thrilled with my Lunar Eclipse Pendant! I am extremely fond of both corvids and purple labradorite, so to discover a piece like this that combines them was just serendipitous. It is sturdy and weighty without being bulky, and very well-crafted. I also like the fact that it's on a nice long chain, as I like my necklaces on the long side. I've worn it nearly every day since it arrived in the mail. I might need a ring to go with it...

Maria Genimatas-Kus
Such a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

Such a gorgeous piece of jewelry!!!
Thank you Charlotte!!!
I love it!!!!