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LSD Jewellery

LSD Lapel Pins


These little badass pins are from the LSD pin collection!

You can choose from any of the 6 sterling silver pins, mix and match with your own lapel pins of collect them all and wear them however you please! Below are descriptions of each pin.

- The Crossbones Pin featured two beautiful cast small animal bones crossed together, in sterling silver.

- The Small Vertebrae pin features a small casting of a real animal vertebra, immortalised in silver

- The Large Vertebrae Pin is cast from a real animal vertebra, made entirely of sterling silver.

- The Deathly Hallows Pin is my interpretation of the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter - and features cast sterling silver animal bones in the shape of the Deathly Hallows.

- The Demented Pin features a casting of a skeletal rat paw grasping a 4mm rose cut stone of your choice (hessonite garnet, rhodolite garnet, onyx, moonstone, smoky quartz, labradorite or opal)

- The Luna Obscura pin features a casting of a bird claw crescent moon grasping a 7mm rose cut gemstone of your choice (Hessonite Garnet, moonstone, labradorite, Onyx, Grey moonstone) - pictured is labradorite

- Small Bat Skull pin (pics coming soon) is a beautiful small Bat Skull cast in sterling silver

- Larger Bat Skull Pin (pics coming soon) is a beautiful small (but still larger than the smaller bat skull) and has a beautiful pattern on its skull. Cast in sterling silver

Each pin can come in either an antique Polished , antique Matte or oxidised finish.

 All of these are made using the cast of real ethically sourced animal bones!

Your pin is made to order and can take 1-3 weeks for me to make and send.

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous pin with sturdy backing.

Gorgeous pin with sturdy backing. Very nice packaging as well. Thank you!

Oh I adore every single piece I've got from you.

Oh I adore every single piece I've got from you. Every piece is full filled with passion and love. I'm so proud of my little beauties. Thanks Charlotte for all you've done to me__please take care.

love the pin!

love the pin! perfect size. it will be right at home on my leather jacket.

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