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Ancient Runes Pendant - Moonstone OOAK - Ansuz, Nauthiz, Laguz, Wunjo


This beautiful one of a kind piece features a spectacular moonstone point set in a sterling silver gnarled forest pendant. It has an array of runes encircling the piece, all with different meanings

 The rune talismans each represent something different and are as follows;

  Nauthiz (needs, nessesity, shadow, constraint)

Wunjo (joy, harmony, success, peace, pleasure)

Laguz (water, sea, emotion, intuition, female force, renewal)

Ansuz (inspiration, insight, wisdom, revelation, truth)

The pendant measures just under an inch long with an oxidised finish with matte runes.  It hangs from an oxidised bar link chain pictured in the length of your choosing. You will receive the pendant pictured.

please allow 2-6 days for me to package and ship your pendant!

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Simply Divine!

I had been watching this shop for an update on her rune pendants. I am so very happy I was able to purchase this piece. It has a beautiful flashy green/ multicolored Labradorite and amazing silver work. 😍💚

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