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Made to Order Production time is 3-6 weeks

Handmade in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Covid 19 Update - 24th March 2022

UPDATE - 24th March 2022

Parcels are currently taking 7-10 days longer due to covid 19. Courier is taking an extra 1-6 days and Express an extra 1-5 days. To see more details click here 

UPDATE - 2nd November 2021

Currenty parcels are taking about 1 week longer than average due to covid. This will most likely get even more delayed closer to Christmas.

UPDATE - 1st June 2021

Parcels seem to be near normal again. But if you want something urgently please at least purchase courier shipping.  See here for updates on shipping to your country! 

UPDATE - January 13th 2021

Parcels via airmail and economy courier To Europe have been delayed indefinitely. From what I can find express courier is able to get in at the moment but it is still delayed. For updates on your country please go here

UPDATE- November 13th 2020

NZ post has increased shipping and aircraft capacity for the Christmas time but I still air on the side of caution. I strongly advise using Courier or Express Courier shipping if you are wanting your items before Christmas. Any Airmail parcels, I cannot guarantee will get there in time.



New Zealand - 5th December


Australia: 14th November

South Pacific, Asia, North America, UK & Europe: 10th November

Rest of the World: 8th November


Australia: 17th November

South Pacific: Asia, North America, UK & Europe: 15th November

Rest of the World: 13th November


Australia: 24th November

South Pacific: Asia, North America, UK & Europe: 23rd November

Rest of the World: 20th November


New Zealand - 15th December 


Australia: 27th November

South Pacific, Asia, North America, UK & Europe: 24th November

Rest of the World: 22nd November


Australia: 4th December 

South Pacific: Asia, North America, UK & Europe: 1st December

Rest of the World: 30th November 


Australia: 11th December 

South Pacific, Asia, North America, UK & Europe: 8th December 

Rest of the World: 5th December


UPDATE - September 12th

Please note that there have been more and more delays with airmail (there are less planes, and courier packages are being prioritised over airmail) with parcels taking well over a month in some cases. Because of this (and as it’s coming up to the end of the year) I strongly advise upgrading to one of the courier shipping services (express courier if it is urgent as economy courier is still having delays). If you do choose to use airmail please note It is taking up to 6 weeks to get items so I cannot be held responsible if it is heavily delayed. 

UPDATE - April 26th

New Zealand comes out of level 4 (full) lockdown tonight (27th April at 11.59pm), so Shipping will resume again starting from tomorrow. Please note that due to a far lower amount of planes flying, shipping is taking longer than stated. I strongly recommend choosing either courier option for shipping so you are able to track where your parcel is (and for safety!). 

If you have ordered during the lockdown I will try my best to get them sent out this week! 

Thank you for supporting me and other small businesses in this uncertain and harrowing time. It means the world!

Stay safe, Stay home, Save Lives x

- Charlotte