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Helena Nocturne OOAK Ring - Adjustable

$315.00 $420.00

This epic ring features a huge tear shaped pink labradorite grasped in two sparrow claw that look like they are conjuring magic in the labradorite. The ring including the claed measures 40mm long by 35mm wide.

This ring is size is adjustable but I do recommend giving me your ring size so I can adjust it to your size before I ship it! 

It has a antique matte finish

Please allow 2-5 days for me to package and ship your item: 


Customer Reviews

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Spectacular, edgy ring!!

I don't know how Charlotte makes things that have this much edge, but that are also so elegant. This ring's incredible - from the stone to the silver work - it's a show-stopper. AND it's super-comfy to wear. I love it!!

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