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Discontinued - The Alchemist Pendant: Sulphur, Large

$60.00 $100.00

The necklace has been assembled with cast animal bones (Sterling silver or bronze) in to the symbol of Sulphur, a triangle and cross. It is roughly 3" long and hangs from a brass (or sterling silver) chain. It has an antique matte finish but can me made either antique polished or fully oxidised.

This necklace is the Big sister of the original Small Alchemist: Sulphur pendant shown in the last two photos. For matching earrings look here

This necklace was created by me, and is inspired by the Works of Nicholas Flamel, and his quest to decipher the book by Abraham the Jew, to make the philosophers stone (A stone which turns iron to gold, and produces the elixir of life - a drink to make the drinker immortal!)

Please Allow 1-3 weeks for me to make and send this.

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Rozaria C. (Wellington, New Zealand)

Beautiful piece, highly recommend.